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Celebrate spring with safe, natural egg dyes. Made from fruits, herbs, and veggies. No petroleum products here!


Kit includes:

4 colors of natural dye that make 6 - 7 colors.

An instruction sheet with a collection of fabulous “Creative Egg Art Ideas"


Directions: Simply pour the powdered dye into 1/2 cup of hot water and place egg in the solution for 10-20 min.


Ingredients: Pure, natural fruit & vegetable extracts (spinach, purple carrots, turmeric, beets, and red cabbage). Gluten-free, Vegan, and GMO-free!

Made in United States of America by Natural Earth Paint


Natural Earth Paint was founded by professional artist, mom and environmentalist, Leah Fanning in 2011. Since then they have been creating  non-toxic, yet very high-quality art in Southern Oregon, United States. Here are some highlights about their sustainable practices:

  • Ingredients: We source our pigments and natural ingredients from businesses across the globe, but they have plenty in common—each one is small,family-owned, and harvests its ingredients sustainably.
  • Safety Testing: All of our paints, pigments, and supplies have been tested by government-certified toxicologists and are third-party tested. They are certified non-toxic, so you can be sure you’re not introducing more toxins into your home, studio space, and the local environment.
  • Packaging: We use locally made, 100% post-consumer recycled packaging,home-compostable pigment pouches, and recyclable glass and aluminum bottles for our products.
  • Facilities: We operate out of a fully solar-powered facility in Southern Oregon that also serves as a community bubble-wrap drop-off site. Additionally, all of our packaging is created in a wind-powered facility.
  • Certifications: We’re committed to a truly eco-friendly business model as reflected by our prestigious Gold certification from Green America, the highest rank for a green business.
  • Contributions: We believe being eco-friendly means not only creating a sustainable business, but also a sustainable world. That’s why we give a portion of our profits from each purchase to organizations like One Tree Planted, Rogue River Keeper, Green America, and many more.



Natural Egg Dye Kit


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