Open Play

Join us during Open Play times to experience our space outside of regularly scheduled classes. Children will have access to educational, sustainable toys, not within a structured activity, but as a time for them to just play, using their creativity and imagination. 

Our space is carefully rearranged for this activity, to encourage independence and concentration. We make accesible just the right amount of toys, to make sure they do not feel overwhelmed and that they enjoy them fully, increasing the chances for deep play.


The selection of toys rotates partially every two weeks, which makes for an interesting and engaging experience that fosters their curiosity. The toys are placed on low, open shelves, to give them the power to decide which toys to pick.

We carry a hand picked selection of toy brands, chosen because of their sustainable practices, materials and design quality. We focus on toys that are designed with child development in mind. 

Materials: the vast majority of the toys we carry are made out of wood, silk, and other natural materials. Pigments used on the colored toys are non toxic, water based dyes. A few of the Haba toys have small BPA free plastic parts for functionality needs.  

You can see all of our toys available for purchase here. Please note that we do not offer shipping at this time. The toys are only available for store pick up.


These are some of the categories we have available:
- Baby learning toys
- Push and pull toys
- PlaySilks
- Dolls and Dollhouse
- Stacking and sorting toys
- Active Play 
- Pretend Play
- Water Play
- Musical toys

Open Play Pricing

One hour $12

Come join us, it is a fun experience!

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Open Play

If the calendar doesn't show availability, please give us a call to confirm. Thanks!